Diver-ID.COM ID decals are the best way we know of to get noticed and known at depth. Decals are 3" tall and our standard Diver-ID utilizes 4-8 characters. Each decal has a strong, self-adhesive backing and is easy to apply. They should last until at least your tank's next hydrostatic test or you scrape them off yourself. A few photons sent their way lights up their reflective characteristics. Available in several colors and fonts.

A set of four decals for your tanks, cylinders, or bottles. Use 4-8 characters and/or spaces for your custom IDs. If you require between 9-12 characters and spaces, select our longer (9-12 character) Diver-ID size. For initials, just choose our initials Diver-ID size (2-3) for your gear. For anything longer than 12 characters, consider initials.

For your safety and peace of mind, ORALITE™ 5700 Engineering Grade Reflective (base) adhesive vinyl and ORACAL™ 751 High Performance (top) adhesive vinyl are used to produce our Diver-ID.COM decals. We feel that ORACAL™ and ORALITE™ offer excellent adhesion in marine environments and high conspicuity at depth, where rapid identification of buddies, divermasters, or teams, can prove crucial to diver safety and comfort.

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Just What I Wanted

Chris on Wednesday February 5th 2014

I got these so that my dive students would be able to recognize me in the crowd of people wearing black wetsuits and masks. Several said that they were able to see the decal easily and know it was me. I mounted one, up and down, on each side of the tank, down at the bottom, so that it was readable while I was horizontal. I got the white reflective letters on black background. Looks professional on both a white tank and a gray tank. I noticed later that it also helps me find my tanks very easily when they're mixed in with all the other tanks getting filled at the shop. No more writing my name on masking tape!