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Diver-ID.COM ID decals are the best way we know of to get noticed and known at depth. Decals are 3" tall and our standard Diver-ID utilizes 4-8 characters. Two other sizes, one shorter and one longer, are available. Each decal has a strong, self-adhesive backing and is easy to apply. They should last until at least your tank's next hydrostatic test or you scrape them off yourself. A few photons sent their way lights up their reflective characteristics. Available in several colors and fonts. Be sure to get one for each of your tanks, cylinders, or bottles. Use 4-8 characters and/or spaces on our standard Diver-ID 4-8. If you require between 9-12 characters and spaces, select our longer (9-12 character) Diver-ID size. For initials, just choose our initials Diver-ID size (2-3) for your gear. For anything longer than 12 characters, consider initials.


For your safety and peace of mind, ORALITE™ 5700 Engineering Grade Reflective (base) adhesive vinyl and ORACAL™ 751 High Performance (top) adhesive vinyl are used to produce our Diver-ID.COM decals. We feel that ORACAL™ and ORALITE™ offer excellent adhesion in marine environments and high conspicuity at depth, where rapid identification of buddies, divemasters, or teams, can prove crucial to diver safety.